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Posted 1/28/2012 at 7:49:48 AM

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I was thinking the other day that we as guys have the reviews to give us some info regarding the ladies. How would people feel about a part of a hobbyist's profile where he could list his preferences? This would be kind of like "Deal or No Deal" kind of things. Things like dfk vs no tongue, bbbj vs cbj, cim vs no cim, neatly trimmed vs natural and whatever other categories some might think important.

My thought behind this is that when I call for an appointment, the lady could look at my deal breakers and know if she is willing to participate. This gives her another tool to screen perspective clients and hopefully prevents me from scheduling with someone who knows in advance that they are not going to be what I am seeking. This might prevent some low score reviews and overall help both parties find what they want.

I'd like to hear from both sides of the aisle on this idea and please don't sat it sucks or it's great without supplying your reasoning.



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