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I will try to simplify this for you..

Posted 11/26/2011 at 12:35:00 AM

Hobbyists are on the receiving end of public blacklists. Their REAL NAMES and sometimes EMPLOYMENT are posted PUBLICLY for even lesser infractions and show up on Google search engines.
Is that clear? I hope so.

There is No site by hobbyists outing providers REAL NAMES to the PUBLIC. Is that clear? I hope so.

A hobbyist shouldn't be penalized PUBLICLY and have his life ruined by an unstable provider seeking revenge, hence the use of an alias to post those type of reviews.

Now, I don't condone BBFS, don't participate in it and think this entire issue is a big mistake by TER, and for the safety of everyone I hope it is retracted. Some things are meant to remain in the closet. This is one of them.

If everyone worries about their own safety, then the risks can be greatly minimized. If those who participate in it remain in the closet and off TER we will all be better off.


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