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Re: I am not Walmart and my pussy never goes on sale 

Posted 2/10/2014 at 6:31:37 PM

LOL, love the subject line! ;)
Julia, thank you for your insightful reply. xoxo
Posted By: JuliasLilSecret
Ladies charge according to what they can get in the market they are working, taking into consideration how much they want to work or not work and how many people they are comfortable with seeing.  
 I am stable enough with my cashflow that I've never "had" to run a special...I can take the lows because I save up during the highs.  My personal thought is that if you run specials, many people will just wait around until you run your next one.  If you never run one because you're busy enough that you don't have to, they will know that they're not going to get you at a discount and if they really want to see you, they will.  
 I don't want to see people who are looking for the best deal around.  I am fortunate to be in a position where I can be very selective about who I see, and I prefer to see people who are selective as well.  If I get an e-mail where the message comes across that I may be a stretch for someone's budget, I will pass on meeting.  I do NOT want to take anyone out of their financial comfort zone because I don't feel that it's the right thing to do and I don't feel they can really enjoy  the experience if the money is a concern for them.  
 One thing I do offer is a match for donations to a food bank.  I'm very happy to donate money to a good cause and have found it to be a great way of doubling what I contribute.  This is my modified version of a discount.  


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