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My Wesbite Has a Clause

Posted 3/2/2012 at 8:56:37 AM

I think sometimes providers are ALLOWED to express themselves. Like men who review, how would a man feel if a provider showed up in a depend and forgot to take her disrobing to the bathroom privately?
The man forgot, she responded, caught off guard and it turned her off. Ok ? She was at least trusting enough to come here to talk about it with trusted members, and I am confident , that if the client were an active member of this board she would handle it differently. Working in health care myself,I can relate to how she feels if you work in with incontinent people , it's not sexy so seeing the diaper when not prepared causes an adverse reaction and one cannot help the mind over matter because how the mind works is in a photographic way so it triggers back to seeing a poop filled depend.Then it dismisses itself bringing someone back to reality and the mind is then set at ease but the sexual stamina swirves a bit .

On my website I have always posted in blue , so that someone will be aware that I am by no means
prejudice but make me aware so that I know in advance any condition that requires special care .
I've met young very handsome men in wheelchairs who are fully capable of driving , who wear the
depends  who alerted me and it was ok he did not wear them upon my arrival. I don't think Naomie is
being rude I  think she feels comfortable here able to share without being attacked for having feelings .
Her attitude overall may have still been welcoming to her client, but it's still ok to post here her feelings  and I think she should be supported about how she feels and how to handle future meetings with the same gentleman.


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