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Re: Si Hot Mamacita!

Posted 4/11/2012 at 11:59:15 AM

I still recall, when I only offered the FBSM (back in) 2002. Whne 1 late morning I took your hand and lead you to my room. I had on that blk little number... Remember>????
Thanks for always being good to me! The roses, the gift cards. Oh'  what an experience we had back then... Hows buddy doing these days?


Posted By: SurfNaked
Viv, you are an ATF!!!!!!


Posted By: Vivianna Love

Well, next time you go, keep me in mind... Have fun!!! Besos Patty.


Posted By: Madame Patricia
I totally agree & you should plan an Arizona visit real soon.  I am enjoying AZ now awesome!


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