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Depends on what you like

Posted 6/17/2011 at 12:53:19 PM

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Posted By: sparky1707
Going to TJ for the first time soon and just got my VIP status!  So many hot chicas and so many awesome review.  Where to start?

It depends on your preferences.

Do you like to drink?
If so start in a Zona Norte bar.  Adelitas is where many men cut their teeth.  Hong Kong is currently the most popular bar in the ZN.  (Although it isn't a place I particularly enjoy.)

Are you a bargain hunter?
Is so start in "the Alley."  The Paraditas (street girls) have the lowest prices (and provide less service) than any other category of providers.

Do you want a GFE?
Escorts working for the top tier agencies almost without exception provide GFE sessions first time, every time.  If you want quality sex then start with a escort.  (The charge the most, but IMHO are worth every penny.)

What to avoid:
Street walkers.  These are girls without health cards that wander around (so the cops don't arrest them).  Most are drug users and many have STDs.
Massage Parlors.  I used to be a big MP fan, but not any more.  MP chicas don't provide GFE sessions, but going to a MP costs almost as much as seeing an escort.

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