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As Dora would say...

Posted 6/8/2012 at 6:58:11 AM

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There is a grumpy old troll under the bridge.  not sure what you wanted to accomplish with this, but I can tell you that if you do every come back to NC and post here you won't get any business due to this post.  One thing Carolina guys do well is research and this post will surface again to bite you in the rear.  

What areas do you tour?  I am pretty certain that this board caters to all the major cities and the states with no mega-metro areas have a state board.  There are some that don't but if you are worth your salt a review will show up here somewhere.

As far as the race issue goes, that has nothing to do with your lack of success here.  Your lack of advertising did.  If anything a post like this enforces some of the stereotypes that exist about african-americans, nothing is ever my fault, its because I am black.  If McDonalds never advertised would it be my fault they went out of business?

Ok, back to my wonderful Friday, i have fed this troll enough.

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