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Re: When you use an agency...

Posted 6/6/2012 at 6:38:28 PM

When you use an agency OR indy that SCREENS, your name and information could be on their computer, paperwork, phone or whatever. Needless to say if whomever you see properly screens, there could be information regarding you. So maybe just jerking off with old men in an adult video store is best..but then again those stores have cameras and you might be recorded as being there. Might as well stay home and play to porn, but then again, your IP address is logged to the porn site of choice you stroked your mouse to. My god!! we aren't safe!!

Lay in bed and fantasize to the thoughts in your head! Just be sure to clean up well afterwards, someone might find out what you did if you leave a mess.  

Be safe, go to bible study!!!

Ha ha!!

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