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Interesting question.....& yes I know a lady ("Maria") from a relatively small circle of friends ---

Posted 5/30/2012 at 5:50:29 AM

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who had her husband leave her (yes...he's a friend...was a friend....IDK....whatever) for a younger girl. Like ridiculously younger. They have children & were used to pretty nice lifestyle. Kids cost some serious money as you all know. One day, another buddy ("Rob") from the same circle ...... it's starting to sound like a "Circle Jerk", huh? ...... told me confidentially that "Maria" was escorting UTR to help ends meet. He's in the middle of a shitty marriage, but divorce is not an option right now. He said the normal expenses were killing her & he was looking for companionship w/ NSA. He went on to say she was trying to see a few people regularly & not advertise.

A couple of months later, I saw her at Starbucks & we chatted. Finally, she told me she knew that she knew "Rob" had told me & she was interested to see what I thought of her. I told her that honestly, I completely understood & admired her for doing whatever she felt she needed to do for her family to continue to exist. What "Maria" said next surprised me. She confessed that at first she felt guilty, but after being honest with herself she actually enjoyed the intimacy as much as "her guys". She found it erotic & a turn-on. Turns out that her ex didn't try very hard to please her in the bedroom, but her new partners were busting their behinds to please her.

She has been doing this UTR for a year or two now. I still see her in social settings with our friends. Only three of us, "Rob" & of course "Maria". No one else suspects a thing.

"Maria" has never offered to see me because of our long friendship. She is an extremely sexy lady in he early 40's that if she was on TER, I would totally see. I just have not been able to cross that line..........yet !! Just kidding !!

We have talked openly about it & she says that she is so much less judgemental now becuase she actually sees it from a man's perspective & understands why they see other women because she hears the total truth from "her guys" & then sees that she used to do the same things.

Some of you will say that the situation is screwed up. Maybe........maybe not. One thing is for sure ___ it has the makings for one hell of a primetime series !!!

Out of here for some much needed R&R. You peeps stay safe & keep the Carolinas interesting !!

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