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Well yea, actually.... 

Posted 5/29/2012 at 4:00:00 PM

Well its kinda close to it, but I got an email from a close friend of  mine to my work email... The email was his name and I kinda like was shocked.. Then all he said was "I wanna see you, you know who I am".. I kinda freaked out OMG.. I looked him up and hes gorgouse and I sent him an emaail politely saying I think this is personal and no reason anyone  we knew needs to know.. .I mean he had  son with my close friend and it was a bit awkward.. I was a lil wrecked.. But so far, so good.. Noone has ever said anything to me...

Anyways Im headed to Costa Rica, so Ill see ya'll in a few weeks :)


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