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It's easy for someone to point the finger and complain when things aren't their way

Posted 5/23/2012 at 1:26:01 PM

I'm not saying there aren't ladies doing what Linda is accusing them of -- not giving references, being rude, trying to keep a client to oneself, etc. -- but to go on the public board and try to out these nameless women and put it on us to defend all of the ladies of Philly is NOT productive what-so-ever.  I wouldn't be surprised if some ladies now put her on their "do not give ref to this diva" list.  I  wouldn't do that and find that practice to be ridiculous but they are other ladies who are fine with it.

This is a conversation that would have been better started on the Provider's Only board.  What is the saying -- you get more bees with honey then vinegar?  Being pushy or a bully about references and one's supposed rights to them on a public board makes both ladies and gents want to avoid that person.

Felicity, I totally agree with you.  Offend me and it doesn't sit well, but it won;t keep me form changing my behavior of giving references.  Of course I'll still give her reference if she contacts me but not without keeping her public bashing of all of the ladies in Philadelphia in mind.


Posted By: FelicityMcKenna
...I am definitely reference friendly, and I am a little offended that you came to the Philly board accusing providers in this city that we are not reference friendly.


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