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Re: You have never contacted me either...

Posted 5/17/2012 at 1:06:45 AM

hun.. good i am glad you are reference friendly...BUT
i said ..Some proivders in philly ..did i say all??just SOME of the ones i encounter.....were rude...i had a bad experience with....thats all. i raise this point to bring awearness to a situation that should be addressed for the safety and convience for us all...And i thank those who did help, and encourage others to see the value in this practice....and by the way..when i first came to philly, you were the first lady to welcome me, you were very cool with me...sorry i made you feel that wasnt meant to offend all of the philly ladies......


Posted By: FelicityMcKenna
...I am definitely reference friendly, and I am a little offended that you came to the Philly board accusing providers in this city that we are not reference friendly.

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