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Re: I find emailing them first is best....

Posted 5/16/2012 at 10:45:35 AM

Hi Hun..
Yes the guys contacted these ladies..beforehand.. and one on the ladies told off the gent , she saw a few weeks also!!! not mention names dropping here...she curse him out, like a truck driver, for calling her for a reference, The gent call me back , and told me, and it was his only reference. He was a  new ter guy.. but no reviews yet on here.....I can go on and on...about other issues...But all i know is {Guys i am reference friendly>>>>}I am not saying all the Philly sisters out here are like this. by no means...Just some...the ones i  had  experience with....


Posted By: TrulyMsMocha
....also imo  the guy who is using these references should probably alert these ladies first that he'll be using them for another appt. I don't think your experience has ANYTHING to do with the Philly ladies in particular trust me. Just those individual ladies.  I have the same issue once in a blue moon from ladies in my area (D.C.).  It happens.

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