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Sending you hugs.... 

Posted 5/22/2012 at 3:54:08 PM

Please keep us posted.. We/I wish you the very best....


Posted By: peachescrt
I have been getting lots of email from some of you guys and from some of my regulars asking me questions about what they have heard about me retiring. Yes I will be retiring soon but Im not really sure about the date. As some of you that know me, I got some bad news about this time last year about my health ,its not anything you can catch, its just related to my heart and the doctor has me on meds that have me gaining weight and I know how some of the men like to see us fit. Anyway, Thats only one reason why Im thinking of retiring. Since I finally got my license for massages Ive been wanting to start my business on just that but I will be seeing my regulars and guys that Ive met before . I will post the date on my site when all this happens. Double Kisses to you all


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