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Youth...It's not the physical appearance that we miss...

Posted 4/25/2012 at 3:04:49 PM

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Jessica, you miss that 25 year old not because she was only 100 lbs. In fact, you and I both know that, outside the hobby, you could bed a 25 year old guy any time you want. The thing is you wouldn't. It's your choice not to be that 25 year old girl anymore. We miss that 25 year old because when it came to relationships it was all about passion. We didn't complicate it with finances, society,exes, compatibility, etc. When we fell in love we were "all in" because we believed it would be forever and our life would have endless possibilities and being disappointed never crossed our minds.  Yes, we were naive then,  but it was an awesome time. Now, we are "wiser", "mature", more calculated. We don't go "all in", we don't dare because we know of the disappointment around the corner. So we put up our fences on any new relationship and it's not as exciting as when we were younger and that depresses us.

Thanks for putting yourself out there and letting us all psychoanalyze you. Thanks for letting us relate because, trust me, we all struggle with the same. You're the brave one to post, not us.


Posted By: mistressjessica
So last night. I decide to have dinner at my favorite bar and there sits my boyfriend and his two buddies... I order my martini and tell them I won't stay long. I know they are on thier man date...

Boys will be boys, as they discuss video games, and the girl with the thong, the hot bar tender and a gripe or two about the wives..etc, etc..

Then I somehow get invovled in a conversation that goes something like

John, tries to explain to his wife that she needs to fetch her GF and bring them home if that is what she wants.. That it works better that way. Instead of him trying to pick up the girl and bring her home

Eric,, Also married forever, all he wants in his life is a 3 way.. My BF and and John are telling him how to do it and they will cover for him but he must be discreet...Mind you my BF is preeching the whole hire a girl but be discreet and how it will help him etc, etc. Which makes me start wondering how many times he has done so... ( this does not bother me so much. I think this is kind of funny actually) I just hope he does not call me by accident but I doubt he will.. see below! LOL

MY BF.. shares with his buddies, All he wants is a 25 year old, hot body, nympho...think in terms of the 100 lb spinner type.I remind my BF that he is the luckiest man in the world. I don't usually mind his excursions and fantasy's. ( mind you, I am aware of the fantasies and we have had a few adventures together and I do encourage him to flirt with other women etc, etc, or point out the hot ones to him...

At this point It's time for me to go..( I can tell the boys are wondering about my loyality to the other wives)

Now I am home and kind of pissy... with not a single good reason..
me knowing that I have an appointment today and its just sex.. I enjoy my job and my friends but I don't date my friends.. period!!!! I am not 25 anymore nor am I just 100 lbs and it bugs the hell out of me.. I debated this morning on reminding him that I wanted a muscular man with a huge dick and a fat wallat but decided that was not fair...

Ladies.. Next time you man is out on his date night with the boys.. leave.................You don't need to know what they are talking about...I am acting like such a girl.

P. S. I did realize boys are just like girls. we all talk about the same crap for the most part!


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