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Since I'm a woman, I've been changing my mind all day,lol! 

Posted 4/18/2012 at 6:15:52 PM

First, let me say THANKS to all of the stud muffins who participated.

OK I had to narrow it down so I decided since the whole thang was to spoof ad styles fouud on a certain ad site I'd go with someone who spoofed the hell out of those styles of ads.

The thang that pushed one ad to "Best In Show" for me was a combination of ad content, and a CRAZY ass photo...

So I'm casting my vote for ***CltWilly's*** ad. Between the funny ass content and that PHOTO you sealed the deal for me and yes that's my final answer-FINALLY.

My first runner up is a THREE WAY TIE (yes I said three way,lol).

Northman,OldTed, and Sweet_N_Low, ya'll all cracked me up in a big way- great spoofing ad quality, thanks for the laughs!

Omgtomcruise is 2nd runner up for me, great spoofing ability, kudos.

And don't forget ALL of you guys are BIG WEINERS, I mean BIG WINNERS in my book!

And as they say at the Oscars, every year, "It's an honor just to be nominated", and all of you stud muffins who contributed were nominated.

Roadshow is of course Mr. Congenital..uh I mean Mr. Congeniality for your cheeleading, rah rah personality... too bad you took yourself out of the final vote, and I really think the fairminded ladies here could have withstood the temptation of blantantly throwing their vote for you just because you're the ring leader, I mean Mayor.




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