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Re: This is old news - part 2

Posted 8/31/2010 at 7:50:46 PM

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The following are not directly related to safeguarding anonymity. However, this is a good place to give some advice on these subjects.

Second IDs. Many hotels require a guest to leave an ID at the front desk. This is especially true in Tijuana of "love motels" like La Mansion which mongers frequent. This presents a problem if the monger decides to go to dinner or a movie as Mexican law requires a person to carry identification on his person. The problem can be solved by getting and carrying a second ID. In California, for example, a person can legally have both a California driver's license and a California ID card. A non-resident can also obtain a California ID card (even using an address outside of California.).

Leave Emergency Money in Your Car. Muggings are rare in Tijuana and to date there hasn’t been a reports of  TJ escorts stealing a client's wallets. Still it is prudent to leave enough money in the car to pay the expected parking fee (plus at least one additional day) together with enough money to get a monger home. Driving a car with keyless entry is better than hiding an emergency key on the car.

Leave Behind What You Don't Need. Again, muggings are rare in Tijuana and aeven more rare are reports of TJ escorts stealing from clients. However, it is still wise to leave home (or in your car if safely parked) things you can't afford to lose, such as wedding rings, expensive watches, and excessive amounts of money. There is seldom a need to carry check books, credit cards, and things of a similar nature while mongering.

Carrying Large Sums of Cash. If you must carry large sums of cash then it is only prudent to take steps to safe guard it. A money belt is something many mongers use to safeguard cash. It has it's limitations in that it isn't something easy to wear during a session. An alternative is a pocket T-shirt worn inside out. It's very hard for a pick pocket to get his hand inside a monger's shirt, but it's easy for a monger to access his cash while sitting in a strip club, etc. Also it is possible (although certainly not ideal) to do a session without taking off a T-shirt.


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