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Ok, guess my first response was removed so here goes again... 

Posted 3/16/2012 at 7:52:37 AM

Gabby, I'm sure you were scared to death when you realized your wallet had been stolen! You absolutly did the right thing and spending hours in your bank must hsve been exhausting mentally. Then there is the missing driver's license, personal info in your wallet, ect. Having your wallet stolen is just as bad as having your place broken into and having your possessions stolen maybe worse!

I guess it would have been better to go over to see this guy when you definately weren't at your best (an understatemet) and show him a less than steller time...I'm sure he would have been just as thrilled with this scenario-NOT! It was a no win situation.

This was an unfortunate inconvenience for the guy, for you it was a hellish day.

I really hope you got everthing straightened out!



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