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Sorry about the issues but.... 

Posted 3/15/2012 at 10:50:35 PM

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Like Roadie says.....don't put them all together as being this way. There are awesome providers here in the Carolina's, I have only seen 2 in the Carolina's, but look at my reviews, and I would not hesitate about renewing my acquaintance with either of them as well as starting a provider/hobbiest relationship with many other ladies in the Carolina's. Not sure who you saw that did this or why, but things do come up...we have to cancel and sometimes they have to cancel. Without naming names....look at the Ladies who post on here frequently...They are some of the finest you would find anywhere in my opinion and since i am traveling and sampling outside the Carolinas right now, I stick to that!
PM Road or any of the other guys and they will tell you, as they told me, who to RUN to see for an unbelievable time!



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