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you know I can understand the frustration 

Posted 3/15/2012 at 9:53:31 PM

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But dont lump everyone is the same bucket.  There are some bad apples but you wouldnt want the guys all to me called asses because of the ones that cancel on the girls.  

Yes there are a few that arent dependable.  One of the boys told me just this week that he has a single lady that cancelled 8 times out of 12 dates.  Ok I think I would cut my losses also.  

But life does happen and a cancellation for personal reasons once is not a bad thing.  It does hurt when your out cash or even when its the same day. kinda leaves a sour taste.  

You ever need a solid list of Charlottes finest, you go ahead and PM me.  All ones I would bet on without hesitation.

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