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Posted 3/12/2012 at 12:50:56 PM

After reading your question and the following responses, my thought as a provider is to follow your instincts.  Another way to find out about her is to check out other boards.  She may be new to TER.  She may also have been UTR and just now showing up on boards.

Does she have a website?  Does she have a paid website?  How do her emails sound?  Does she have the ability to PM (at this point she would have to pay for her membership)?  Where does she advertise?  Does she have other reviews that haven't posted for one reason or another?  These are some items to consider as to her legitimacy.

Everyone has to start out somewhere.  There are girls that are "newbie friendly" just as there are those that want "highly recommended" gentlemen.  Then there are gentlemen that are "newbie friendly" and those that want "highly reviewed" providers.  The question I guess is, "How do you feel about her after doing all your homework?"


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