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Welcome back!
Foodyguy 24 Reviews 2874 reads

Even oooollllddd friends?

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Hello Boston!

I will be available Tuesdays-Thursdays through the warmer months.

For this week:

Newton Incall:
Tuesday 3pm-10pm
Wednesday 11am-9pm
Thursday 11am-9pm

Also, Miss Tara Kennedy and I will be offering our talents together beginning in June. Thankfully to my dear Codpeace, we were able to take some pretty amazing shots today which I will be able to share with you as the week progresses! There are a couple fresh shots available on the site, but check back as there will be more!

Please check back to for new images of Brooke and Tara!

Contact info:
Phone: 617-297-8477
(no text messages please)
Monday-Friday 10am-10pm

LamontCranston692964 reads

You are so on my must see list :)

MassMan3742 reads

I had the pleasure of seeing Brooke. It is so nice to see you back.

Brthtkngbrooke1818 reads

Thank you so much!

Trust me, it is soooo nice to be back!
I am so excited to see dear friends and meet new!

Enjoy your day!

Posted By: MassMan
I had the pleasure of seeing Brooke. It is so nice to see you back.

Foodyguy2875 reads

Even oooollllddd friends?

TheRealMasterMan2726 reads

at the party, you were smokin' hot in that gown at sunset! What a view! ;-)


codpeace3844 reads

LMAO. Are you sure? All you need are Brooke & Tara, a high end Canon, and great lens (I mean a Canon camera and glass).

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