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I have to agree with you AF, and also offer my personal experience....

Posted 8/12/2012 at 5:05:15 AM

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Before trimming I would suffer all types of itching from down there and one day a provider suggested that doing some trimming would help matters.  She was right as rain.

I think that the undergrowth promotes more bacteria, not the opposite.

Now I am doing the shaving thing and getting many compliments and extra special treatment, plus it is wonderfully cool for the summer months.

A little aftershave or lotion on the area after the shaving prevents any infectios from nicks.

Waxing is the best if you can find someone to do it and don't mind a little bit of pain.  (I sort of enjoy it.)

I think the silliest comment in that article has to be about the need for pubic hair for cushioning the area.  Cushion it from what?  I don't, as a rule, drop bowling balls on my crotch.


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