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Once again, you CHOOSE TO BE HERE lol. You're not getting paid to be.

Posted 6/29/2012 at 8:53:05 AM

You're not going to convince me of anything, because the fact is you pay for sex, and that is how we make money. I am not talking about you and scoed and I think you guys know that, but to say that a woman struggling to feed 3 kids does not lose more than you, is ludicrous! You have the damn 400 or whatever to go blow...most of us do NOT. I am not saying anyone's time is more valuable than the next, but if a guy can't keep an appt. in this business he should not be playing in it. This is a business for us, and a play thing for you.

You keep saying, you "had" to miss work, "had" to do this and that to see a hooker...NO you did not! You and your dick "chose" to miss work and blow that hard earned money for a piece of ass...we did not CHOOSE to lose money by being stood up.  There is a clear cut difference here. Now, stfu haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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