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Agree that both are time and money, BUT the provider still loses MORE money than YOU!

Posted 6/28/2012 at 7:57:53 PM

Please tell me you're not trying to dispute that shit. You are SAVING the damn fee that she lost, PLUS her expenses. You did not HAVE TO book her. I am not saying either is right, but to say we both lose the same thing is retarded. You're not making 300 plus an hour to begin with, but you're willing to blow that on a piece of ass.

We get PAID to fk...hello. You lose maybe the hotel which I would never make a guy furnish, plus time and maybe gas. WE lost the fee which in my case is a lot of damn money, PLUS hotel, and the money from ANOTHER guy we could have seen. We don't get to make that money up, while you drive home with your fee in your pocket that you would have blew on a hooker anyway. We lost our bill money in that hour thank you.  

Again, I am not saying either way is kosher to the other party, but don't act as if your losses are as great as the provider working to support her family, because they are not. I don't know about any of the other women here, but I sure as hell could not blow 400 bucks on a hooker...I have BILLS! Ask your wife how much more she suffers when this shit happens to her, and the guy saved his money lol. See what you say about it then. We get paid for our TIME, so that in itself should answer your question about what the value is placed on. You don't "have to" be here...you're not getting paid to be.

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