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Re: Better yet...give it a shot and see how she plans on collecting

Posted 6/27/2012 at 12:42:06 PM

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im 100% with you here man. what is she gonna do? i mean really. if im gonna go through the trouble to call, set everything up, and then not show...its obvious to me that anyone that does that doesnt care too much at all, so why would you think they would show up later to give the money for the "services" they didnt get? i understand that time and money was ( possibly) still put in by the girl, but come on, no way you are seeing that money. take it as a loss and move on. and stop putting bs like that on your ad/website/whatever else you use. nobody with a brain would ever buy into that, because it isnt like you are gonna be able to do much about it. blacklist the guy? ok, im sure someone else would still take a chance on him. i would bet my house on that.

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