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There's a web site (probably more than one) dedicatd solely to...

Posted 6/13/2012 at 7:54:42 PM

videos of people cumming, but it only shows head shots. You don't see their genitals at all. And it is actually pretty cool. It's called "Beautiful Agony". Link is below...


Posted By: but you now i dont get why guys are so ubsessed with seein a women cum when isnt if she did a simple sexy steamy toy show with dual penetratiion for you, would she nessecarily had to have cum? i def think sex acts are fun but so i dint see point un havn in 0 every time i engage in a sex act . I CAN ACTUALLY PERFORM SEX ACTS AND NOT CUM, AMD ENJOY ,YSELF, SOME HOW, I DO LIKE TO SOMETIMES THOUGH BUT NOT EVERY TIME I NENGAGE IN AN INTERACTION, SIMPLY ENJOYING THE WHOLE ACT SHOULD BE FUN TOO.

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