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Mine was from Minnesota lol. As I said, the after 3 p.m. thing

Posted 6/13/2012 at 3:43:33 PM

you are suggesting is not accurate! If there are after school activities taking place, the same rules APPLY! You can't smoke pot or solicit a hooker in a school zone while cheerleading practice is going on.You can't get your d*ck sucked in your car in the parking lot whilst a football game is going on either...I can tell ya first hand about that lol. You are saying the harsher penalties ONLY apply before 3 p.m. and I am calling bs. You did not say in "some" areas, but that it applied in all and as we both agreed it does not.

My point is, he thought it was a school zone that would put him in more trouble, so he freaked. He is well within his rights. What if I told you that you had to see a girl at the Motel 6? Would you not think that's a bit much since you are the one paying? YOU decide what is comfortable for you..not the provider!

If you show up to her neighborhood or hotel and don't feel it is safe, you can very well call and cancel or ask her to meet you elsewhere. It is still your right as a client to cancel if you feel uncomfortable...that is all I am saying.

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