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I return most emails in less than an hour from 10 to 10, and I try not to be so bitchy lol.

Posted 6/13/2012 at 9:42:53 AM

If a guy contacts me through an ad site vs. my website, I send him the link and say nothing more. If he does not include refs or some indication he has information to give me, I don't reply at all. You just have to weed through the bs, and put your time into those who actually are serious. I also stopped listing a phone number on the net for that very reason...too many jokers who want to shoot the shit and have no money.

I can usually tell in one or two emails if a guy is serious, so I don't waste much time. I don't try and convince a guy to see me or give me his info. nor do I try and pull screening out of them. If they are not comfortable, I move on. If I have to sit there and explain why I need the info. and how discreet I am, he did not do his homework or he would know that already.

If I see acronyms in the very first email, deleted. I don't have the time to say, "close the deal" if it takes me hours on end to convince the guy I am safe. I don't treat providing as I would a normal marketing sales pitch. They know where to find me, what I require, and that's a rap. Wanna see me? Follow instructions that are so clearly outlined a monkey could do it.

I had a guy email me last night about midnight asking if I would do outcall to a downtown hotel...um, I am on the lake which is a 30 min. drive. My website CLEARLY states on both the home and contact page that I "Require 24-48 hours notice for all local appts." which he should have read. I was not rude, I just simply said, "Please go back and read my website, as I think you have the wrong girl." He then proceeded to tell me I could google him..funny, I can google Obama too but that does not prove Obama is the one giving me his information.

It's a pain in the ass at times, but I still think it beats working for someone else.

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