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So, what else is new???

Posted 6/13/2012 at 7:57:49 AM

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This kind of complaint just repeats and repeats, kinda like Mexican food.
Here are a few more:
"The bitch didn't call me back!"  Waaaaa!
"The bastard didn't show up!"  Baaaawww!
"She had a smelly pussy!"  Aawwwwwww!
"His butt stank!"  
Etc., etc., etc.
So, sure, if you really need to vent, do go right ahead if it makes you feel better.  But this shit happens all the time, it's repeated on the boards over and over to the point where I'M the one who needs to vent.  Would all the whiners please STFU????
OK, I'm done now.  So, as to your specific compaint, I get it. (Actually, most of us got it years ago.)  But I'll repeat it:
You have an absolute right to screen as you wish and require full names.  We have an absolute right to refuse to produce such information for obvious reasons and to move on.  Most of us who have solid references, etc., will be seen by 99% of providers.  That should make all of us happy.  I really have no idea why you let something this trivial piss you off so much, but I hope your day goes better from now on.

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