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How many social trainwrecks have you witnessed "cause I need advice .

Posted 6/13/2012 at 4:51:59 AM

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I watched the short trailer from a documentery called " Life after porn " . It kinda hit my heart a little bit and got me thinking with the large head for a change - no good can from that ! :)

Currently , I have learned that I am not a " variety " type of guy . I prefer a " comfort " level that hopefully can be developed . Leaving my emotions at the door comes naturally so I know exactly where that line is , just so there is no confusion on that .

Lady # 1 I stopped seeing ..................HATED men ! It was pretty apperant .She was probably in her early forties . Started being late to appointmetments consistantly , and had the sniffles more and more . Probably had been in the buissness for 5 plus years at that point . Also obvious was her intelligence lacked as well and I doubt she really could flip burgers at McDonalds . She no doubt was holding her head above water , and " work " was kinda just that to her , " WORK " . Sad ................

Lady # 2 I stopped seeing ...................OMFG !!!!!  Started out maybe 8 years ago as a bikini model . Simply a geourgeous woman - Today , her lips are botoxed to circus freak proportions and I had to actually line up freckles to see that it really was the same girl I saw that night . God , the toll drugs took on this woman was incredible .At least 100 text messages just while en route and her driver would advise me of her mental state before he drove away ! Trust me , the list could go on and on. I really kinda' feel  sorry for her and wonder if shes doing OK today :(

Lady # 3 ............Here is where I am seeking advise and others experience on this . A mature provider , iactually a few years oilder than me and I am 45 . Very new , about 6 months doing this . A FANTASTIC woman ! Oozes sex appeal , intelligent , honest,  just a complete joy to be around !!! Sure enough , some recent activity has me seeing a future downward spiral about to happen with her .

Am I expecting too much and a high percentage of trainwrecks are common place ?
Keep looking as there are actually needles in this haystack ?
Maybe I am playing on the wrong playground ?
I watched a family member struggle with alcoholism so I have seen my fair share and just wanted to enjoy some great sex , not dealing with " trainwrecks " !!!!

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