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Famous women we wish were providers

Posted 6/12/2012 at 5:03:33 PM

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This topic comes up every once in a while and its time to bring it up again.  Which famous women do you wish were providers?  I can think of two that I would fork over my hard earned cash to for the opportunity of an intimate encounter.

First it would be Brandi Passante (on the left in the photo below).  Of course she's one of the stars of "Storage Wars" on A & E TV.  What a hottie, what awesome breasts!  Why she bothers with Jarrod I'll never know.  I sit through endless reruns of Storage Wars just to see her.  (New episode on tonight!)  I might even buy some second hand merchandise just to see her.

Second would be the red haired woman in the Wendy's commercials.  No, not Wendy Thomas, daughter of the founder (fun fact, her real name is not actually Wendy, but Wendy was the nickname the family called her when she was little), the other red haired woman.  (On the right in the photo.)  Internet sources say that her name is Morgan Smith Goodwin.  There's just something about her that gets my heart racing.

Who are your choices?


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