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Interview they did on radio afterwards *link*
inicky461754 reads

Amazing what some people will do for their moment of fame.  Do they provide?

DT_lover257 reads

Three batches of 24oz.  There must have been a number of smiling donkeys, and a few women with very tired hands.

inicky46239 reads

And why would you assume it was women who milked the donkey dongs?  OK, now I just threw up in my mouth.

followme136 reads

I guess one must wonder who..Jacked-the-Ass---Off

Thank you
2012 = 28

followme230 reads

Gotta wonder who the ass is on this one.

Thank you
2012 = 28

dtero182 reads

I may be a sick dude since I was laughing hysterically watching the gals and guys downing massive quantities of sperm while the camera cut to the smiling donkeys!  What some people will do for money! God bless American TV!

McDonald000199 reads

I use to think girls receiving 10 loads from 10 different dudes in a porno scene was a lot, but that pile of cum just took it to a whole nother lever. It was warm jizz too, and that must be fresh.

For the twin guys, they drank a shit load of cum and piss, and didn't receive anything. For the girls that drink that, one couple is not guaranteed to win the money. All of that for 50K, and they had to split that, and pay taxes. Realistically, they'll probably get like 21K each and probably spend that in like a few months.

I don't have the stomach to consume that. If they presented that to me, I'd give up and quit. Every country has a special food or drink that increase fertility. This one takes the cake.

inicky46163 reads

Can you imagine what'll go through the mind of any guy she's dating now when he goes to kiss her?

jodycalledu154 reads

I'm no donkey but you gotta know they'll swallow.

prepkid140 reads

Using a device that acts like a condom and they messed  with a horse. LOL

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