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I have been to ATL before thanks, and I have no doubt both of these ladies are

Posted 6/10/2012 at 7:22:29 AM

well respected "In Atlanta." You might want to notice that I never uttered a sarcastic remark towards Terri until THIS very thread. So I agree...the drama won't help business, but hey...I don't work a lot anyway lol. I did not go into ATL and attack Terri or Ansley, so if you're going to WK at least consider the facts of what happened and pay attention.

Even after Terri posted to me, I still remained cordial and did not call her names until she continued to show her ass.  Even then, I did not comment on  her age, looks, or whatever.  I happen to think she is very attractive and looks nowhere near her age, and I can say that about a woman attacking me because I am secure and quite frankly don't give a shit about her.

I was not the one attacking people, and I think this thread has run its course.

I have spoken with lets just call him Chris, and this thing will not continue any further. Sorry, I bothered a fk board with it, as it's obvious only a handful know what I am going through. No love lost.

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