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Yes just the facts please!.....

Posted 6/9/2012 at 10:26:00 PM

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Yes I have a regular that I see all the time and we have become good friends so we talk a lot. She laughs like hell when we talk about reviews on here. She agrees most of it is BS.....she says very few big dicks come in there and if they do she won't see them....she says most all guys are average that come in and more are smaller than average instead of bigger than average. 5" to 6" is normal and 6" to 7" is big and anything over that she sends home unless they will settle for a BBJ. Also on the average most guys don't fuck longer than 5 minutes and 10 minutes is considered a long time. Very Very few guys come in and fuck for 30/45/60 mins like you read in most reviews....It does happen on occasion but not very often. She is known for her BBJ skills and says that most guys after just a minute or so is saying whoa whoa hold up now. She says very very few guys can with stand 10/15/20 mins of her BBJ and the list goes on and on. But also like she said....don't get me wrong because there are exceptions and some of this does really happen but more like 5% of the time and not 95% of the time.....LOL....

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