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Who is it insulting to? 

Posted 6/9/2012 at 1:06:16 PM

I'm certainly not insulted by that term.  Any more than being called a trick.  But if you wish to address me as "your royal assholeness" I'm fine with that too.

Sheesh....some gals today are just so temperamental.

So if I stick a gag in your mouth and call you whore...is that offensive as well?

I'd believe it a heck of a lot more if you were spilling out all kinds of shit during your big "O".  But to say...oh Mr. Reviewer...I'm having the biggest...most powerful...mind blowing O there ever was.  Oh..and could you remind me to pick up some ice cream for dessert on my way home when we're done?".  Yep..just how I would expect to hear it from you.


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