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Re: Yet you felt the need to come post THIS lol. Get a life Ansley.

Posted 6/9/2012 at 10:58:44 AM

I'm very accustomed to posting and being around young beautiful women.  The boards are full of them.  I stopped posting because I didn't like playing in the mud.  It had nothing to do with anybody's looks.  I don't recall anybody ever kissing my ass.  Psychosis?  I didn't know you were qualified to make such an evaluation.  Yep you are right, I did had disagreements with some of the guys.  The cool thing is, I am back to speaking to some of them.  If I remember correctly it was pretty much a whole forum that left.  Nobody was insecure or intimidated, we simply didn't like the way things were heading.

After this whole thread, GD can't do anything but get better.


Posted By: London Rayne
Now, who needs attention and who can't stfu about other people who are not even around? Thanks. You have tried to post more remember? You run off when other women are around who you think look better than you...that was obvious on the other board. The only women you are ever nice to are those who kiss your ass and deal with your obvious psychosis, and even some of those boys told you where to go.  When all those who intimidated you left, you were posting up a storm so nice try.

Welcome to GD Ansley...it gets better than this.

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