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Oh it's obvious now why Terri posted what she did. Miss Ansley

Posted 6/9/2012 at 8:23:02 AM

has always needed a puppet to say what she is to "prim and proper" to say. Did I not just send you this very same message lol, then she appears ha ha ha. Talk about ironic. If anyone needs attention, it's her so please boys...give her some before she slits her wrist. This is so old it is like a broken record. Terri welcomes me to ATL, and Ansley tells her how bad I am. Boo effin hoo, I have enough hookers as friends already lol. Ansley was called out by her very own friends on another board about her hypocritical, insecure bs. She acts as if she is the sweet hooker that stays out of drama, yet she only shows up to post one or two lines that never have anything to do with said topic. Must be a sad life for you Ansley...I feel for ya girl. Get some help k.

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