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I see why you think that...you did not get the freaking point

Posted 6/9/2012 at 8:16:01 AM

of the post. Yes, I agree that girls charging what I do and having to fk the lawn guy would be a bit farfetched...that is NOT what I said. That is what YOU made of this post, and had nothing to do with my reasons for being with him.

No, I don't much care why your PMs stopped as I was nothing but nice to you. I don't need friends that bad. I am not going to bash you for thinking I am full of shit, because I don't much care who does. I don't need to make up stories to get attention..I could just show my ass if that were the case. If I did want to make up a story, trust me it would be better than this one. I know what happened right down to what he was wearing, how he smelled, and the funny red light I had on in the den to let him know I was ready. There is a bit more to this I left out, and it will stay that way. Besides, I am full of shit so would not matter.

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