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@ Gris..Are you high? Don't put words in my mouth and learn to read before

Posted 6/9/2012 at 6:45:39 AM

you make retarded arguments and try to pass them off as how I feel. I never said I felt any disdain for MY clients...you're projecting. I said I wished he was the average scumbag, meaning just that. Please show me where I said my clients or any of the men here are scumbags....I didn't. Excuse me for feeling a bit more guilt about fking a guy when I actually have seen his wife. I love the way you try to turn genuine concern and guilt into a bs attempt to question my morals. Unlike you, at least I still have "some" and don't try to sugarcoat every dirty deed I do. I own up to my dirt.

The reason I won't fk another man's wife for free is because he does not deserve it, nor do I! I don't find anything secure about letting a married man or a single man for that matter use me for sex...I will get mine. Is that a clear enough picture for you now? You seriously know NOTHING about me, because your post is contradictory crap that does not in any way conincide with what I have expressed. If I had no morals, I would not give a shit about anything I do and chalk it all up to "Oh well, it's just human nature bla bla bla" bs. Sound familiar?

The reason I can make a correlation between sex for pay leading me to feel less guilty is the same damn reason YOU DO! When you pay, you don't feel like it is an all out affair with someone you have a chance of falling for...those are my reasons as well. The money keeps things in perspective for both parties. I would never fall for a guy who paid me to fk him, just like many men here would never fall for a hooker they pay. That was the basis behind me using the pay for services trade in this situation...it blinded me to the fact of what I was really doing. Sorry, not many here seem to get that except the ones who have been through it.

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