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She recommended that I go to South Shore in Bostonteeth_smile
JuliasLittleSecret See my TER Reviews 216 reads

Still trying to figure out if she was trying to rub me out or just didn't know better.   LMAO

inicky46189 reads

It's technically a competitor of TER so I can mention the name.  From what I've seen of it, it's lame.  Of course, providers share information about us on the PO board.

When she was new and was trying to figure out how to whitelist somebody. It was pretty funny. It got deleted.

Still trying to figure out if she was trying to rub me out or just didn't know better.   LMAO

LoboGris143 reads

i am totally enamored of your board personna... even your e-mail provider is perfect... how did you ever come up with "hushmail'.... i now have e-mail provider envy... living with a yahoo account will be so boringly mundane now...

ps... if you tour the left coast, thow up a couple flares my way so I can plan accordingly :)

you guys are all makin me laugh really hard thanks! needed this!

mrfisher155 reads

And they are the very reviews that we hobbyist write of the providers.

Providers can get an excellent sense of our pluses and minuses just from how we write about them.

Many providers make decisions on whether or not to see someone based on the reviews we write.

Something for us clients to keep in mind.

scoed146 reads

Ever here of blacklist sites? In essence they are the negative reviews of clients. Also, Datecheck OK's are on a number scale ranging for avoid to great. In fact whitelists, and OK's are a form of positive review. Pus our reviews do have info on us. Providers also talk to each other about clients that are not so great.  Then there is the reference system which again is a form of reviewing hobbyists aren't reviewed like providers but we are reviewed just the same.

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