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Snakes, Dogs, and other sick shit. 

Posted 6/3/2012 at 11:41:59 PM

I'm afraid I don't have any funny requests to share, but I have had a good laugh at the others who've posted their hilarious client requests. And I must say, this thread has provided some much needed comic relief from the usual childish chaos on the board lately (like a certain "18-year-old" has been stirring up).

I have had a number of strange requests in my day. I had a guy email me and ask if he could put his pet snake in my snatch. Um, hell f*ck NO!

Another guy wanted to tie me to a luggage cart in a hotel, paint my body with dark brown and gray paint to make me appear dirty, and then fill my ass with heavy cream (not his cum, but the dairy product). He also mentioned bringing along some speculums and playing doctor with both my holes down there. This was another person that I chose not to see.

There was also some f*cked up weirdo who wanted to bring me to his farm, set me loose in his field, and let his large dogs run me down and f*ck me while he watched from up in a tree with a pair of binoculars. He also requested BBFS for himself. Again, HELL NO!

Like most of you girls, I've had a number of marriage proposals, and offers to "take care of me". One guy who used to be a regular even tried to give me a ring. Shortly thereafter he went COMPLETELY psycho and I had to put him on my DNS list.

Sometimes (like in the case of the guy with the field full of dogs) I have to wonder if some guys just ask about shit like this to see what kind of response they are going to get.

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