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Posted 6/3/2012 at 8:11:20 PM

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Yes, I do agree that men are very physical beings that don't always see the true beauty in a woman.  I do not feel that I pay for sex.  I pay for companionship, or the feeling of that in any instance.  This is why I feel I am disappointed with my experiences most of the time.  It all depends on the man.  Not all men are assholes.  I do love my wife, but feel my marriage is in serious jeopardy.  I work my ass off and have even helped put my wife through school.  All I get is bitchbitchbitch.  Her life is so hard that she has to care for our child who is school age.  She has everything she needs yet my work keeps me busy.  I offer to cut back on work to spend more time with her and she says no because she would have to scale back on the fun things.  So tell me.....who is getting pimped.  So, rather than have an affair, as I have had opportunity, I hire an escort.  Believe it or not, some men who have wives with unjustified sharp tongues really lose sexual interest when they are being made to feel as if their hard work is not rewarded or even appreciated.  I am by no means rich, but I do well.  So I find myself at this juncture.  Divorce and lose half, or get an escort.  I enjoy providing for my family.  A healthy relationship requires a joint effort. Not one way or another.  I feel raising a child well, and my wife is an excellent mother, is part of my wife's effort. However, no man wants to be in a sexless and emotionally void marriage.  I sometimes wish I had married an escort.....ahh the best of both worlds. That is of course if the escort could split her time and allow a joint financial responsibility so as to allow the man to benefit from her most excellent skills.  It is only natural that each want the other to care for them. Just as many men seeing an escort seeks this out to replace what they are missing in their real life.  Now don't get me wrong, there are many who just want to satisfy that physical urge.  The bottom line is that any relationship that is expected to last must have emotional investment on both sides.  Sounds corny, but very true.  All men want is to be nurtured while feeling that they are appreciated.  It's not bad to have a man take care of you, just as long as you are willing to reciprocate on whatever terms your relationship dictates to keep each other happy. I hope this helps shed some insight on one mans opinion.

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