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Ok- this one is pretty freaking gross- caution, it may cause sad emotions.. Dare to read omg! 

Posted 6/3/2012 at 11:10:53 AM

So I used to tour Miami often.
I had a gentleman call me. He had asked to see me said that he would supply the references though he had a very important question.
Ok, picture this, I'm in this beautiful hotel that is very upscale and this man asked me, " I have my snake with me, would it be okay if I brought him in with me?"  
I respond, (note- so afraid of snakes) I'm hesitant. I said, " Um okay... Well, is he in a cage that is covered to where he cannot get out and be placed in the restroom?" While I should have just said no, this guy seemed to be so sweet over the phone and sounded like such a positive-free spirited person right... So then.l omg this is where it gets worse.
His reply, " oh yes, of course! But, don't you want to watch him eat?"
Me: "eat" as I'm sure my face was looking as I was watching a horror movie right. Lol
Him: "Yes, he is going to eat a cat."
Me: " ewwww!! Omg!" (Click!)

Needless to say, I barely slept thinking of the poor kitty. I'm a total animal lover. Just not snakes and scorpions.
On the other hand, I was hoping to the higher power that it was a horrible joke to freak me out.

To this day, I'm freaked out over that thought.
What in the world!! Ewww!

Envy Jolie

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