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Ok to be real now.....

Posted 6/3/2012 at 8:56:20 AM

Honey NO Don't do it!  OMG, this will not work.  I've tried having a civie relationship every way you can think of and most men cannot handle the thought of you fucking and sucking somebody else's dick if your his woman.  It just don't work with the male ego.  Not to mention how some people will get so angry they are ready to out you and hunt you down and make a fool of you like they feel you have done to them.  No man is ever going to be receptive to this idea.  

In the beginning, sure they will act like they love the idea, but the more they think about it and run pictures through their mind; you will loose him and he will turn his back on you and you will be a filthy street walking whore to him regardless if you charge 1K per hour.  In the beginning they will be all happy and sexed up over it, but once they realize that life is not going to be one non stop orgy of multiple women and money, he will be gone and your a dirty filthy whore.  

Don't do it!  Don't out yourself ever!

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