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It varies and can be surprising

Posted 6/2/2012 at 10:17:28 AM

I've found that sometimes the holiday seasons are very busy. Perhaps men are trying to fit everything in haha along with the traditions of those respective holidays. Where I live there's a lot of summer events that brings in people ( Reno is after all a gambling and drinking town, and the summer brings out people in droves because of the attractions, music, bike festivals, etc) and summer can be busy too. It's really a give or take. Winters can be slower because driving up here to Reno through the Tahoe area and highway 80 is a pain.

As the economy slowed down, things became more sporadic, at least in my experience. It was feast or famine. But in the past few years things are evening out, and when on tour, it's always very, very busy in different cities for a new girl touring.

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