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Re: Looks Like The REAL Issue Is...

Posted 6/2/2012 at 7:36:35 AM

Having a relationship with a man has nothing to do with someone's 'clear direction in life.' What you're saying by that statement is that there's something wrong with being single, which is pretty typical of what some people  ( or many people think) believe when a person chooses to be single, and most importantly, does not need a relationship in their life to feel complete. I am complete as a person myself, and that's hard for a man like yourself to understand. Beneath all your 'advice' is that statement here: You don't know my life's history, especially that of being an only child and enjoying living life solo. My conflict is the conflict a modern woman has between the Old World notion of a man taking care of things, and the new world notion of a modern feminist. Your notions and 'ideas' are archaic, outdated, and quite frankly, misogynistic.

Who, in the first place, said that I came here on TER to find an 'answer' to my own life's questions? The questions asked were simple ones, and if you read some of my responses, the questions for asked for the specifics of a book.

As for therapy, that's what people usually say when they suspect someone is so different from themselves or from society's norms that 'therapy' must be needed or required because something MUST be abnormal with someone who likes being alone and doesn't require a mate to be complete. I'm comfortable with who I am, for the most part, and that's why I'm comfortable being single. You strike me as someone who can't be alone because you aren't comfortable with yourself being alone, whereas I'm happy to say I'm my own best friend. If you can't be your own best friend, then neither can you be someone else's best friend, let alone a friend to your mate or SO.

Where does my life want to go? That's an interesting question you could have answered yourself without asking ME. I write, I'm a personal trainer, I'm a provider. These are the things I have chosen for myself and no one else has the right, or the permission, to decide what's best for me when it's only within myself that I know where I'm at in life, and happy with.  Sounds like you're the one who needs tlook inwards as to why you have such a condescending attitude towards independence when the question itself was meant for men like you:  do men pay for sex in one way or another or not?

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