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Posted 6/2/2012 at 2:49:38 AM

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There is a reason it is called "the worlds oldest profession", but two people can come together, and enjoy the pleasures of each others bodies without the exchange of value.  It is a beautiful thing!

One of the problem of today is that women have achieved earning power and equality,but many men haven't figured it out yet.  They re still looking for Donna Reed.  The women of today want the independence, but were raised to be June Cleaver.  

I, for on, prefer womn who are independent, can stand on there own two feet, and make there own way.  Deliver me from the simpering, whinny women whose mantra is "I can't do it.". I'm not looking for a Dom, but rather an equal partner.  Happily, I have found that among providers a higher percentage of independent women.

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