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Men: Do you agree or disagree with this, and why?

Posted 6/1/2012 at 4:00:00 PM

Basic statement and question is:

Do you believe that most, if not all ( aside from pimps haha) pay for sex in one form or another? Whether it's straightforward through paying a pro, or paying for alimony( and that's sad because you're paying an ex wife and not even wanting to or getting to have sex with her), taking out a woman on a date and spending money hoping to get laid?

OR, do you feel that this question is a jaded, bitter one that's reducing women to commodities and gold-diggers even in a day and age and 40% of women outearn their husbands? If this is the case then it seems as though maybe now women will pay for sex LOL. The wealthier the woman the more she would have to pay for alimony or support a husband in some ways. And a pimp, well, that's a whole different story. Although you don' have to be a professional pimp to sponge off a woman.

Conversely, as an independent woman who pays her own mortgage and bills,  I go back and forth between the desire to have a man take care of all my financial needs, and yet...those sugar daddy types never worked out for me. I guess it's just natural to be a modern woman and yet still struggle mightily with wanting a man to take care of me, and wanting to take care of myself. I can find no middle ground it seems.


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