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Re: so I'm not a man, but I recently took new pics and I found....

Posted 5/31/2012 at 5:32:31 AM


Yes, I do agree with you 100%!

I checked your pictures on your website and they look great and shows plenty for folks to take a good look at you.

I'm sure that your method was a whole LOT cheaper than hiring a professional to shoot uninspiring photo shots.



Posted By: natashalynne
that my pics that show my FUN PERSONALITY are getting a lot more comments from guys than the ones that are more posed, artistic or designed to look sexy.  

If the guys totally disagree with me I will certainly yield to their opinion since they are your target market.  

But I have gotten sooooooo many more comments about my pics where I'm laughing / playing / having fun, even if I'm fully clothed in them.  I think the guys get the sense that they will have fun with me regardless of what we're doing.  

I've also been getting more dinner date requests.  I think it's all related.


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